Hi ya’ll! I’m Heather, well most people call me Hedduh! I’m a lover of the arts and of an awesome God that continues to show me His grace every day. I believe that The Lord takes our most foolish talents and makes beautiful things out of them. I’m going to be posting about what’s going on in my life, where the Lord is steering me, artwork, anything really!

I am kind of doing this for my growth in the Word, and will be journaling a lot about what’s easy, what’s hard, and I would love responses of stories and commentary. If anyone that reads this needs to talk, has prayer requests, wants someone to pray with them, I will joyously do so.

For more on me personally, you can check out my the “Life” link!

You people are awesome, have a beautiful day!

I’m a ball of sunshine that loves the Lord and drinking coffee, and likes to write about it.